Keyword research & SEO Copywriting

Keyword research is the detailed analysis of commonly “Googled” terms and phrases that relate to your services, products and business, and the strategic selection of the best terms to optimise the pages on your website for.

It is the most fundamental part of any SEO campaign and should (ideally) be done BEFORE a new website is built, so that it underpins the strategy and structure of your site.

Keyword strategies are based on the following criteria:

  • Specific relevance to you and your business.  For example, if you are an installer of security systems you don’t want to be competing for searches for nightclub bouncers and “door security”.
  • Quality – sometimes the less popular search terms, despite generating less traffic to your website, are the ones used by people with the more serious enquiries
  • Search volume – of course we’ll always look to focus on the keywords that will generate you the most traffic
  • Competition – we’ll look to select the keywords that give you the greatest chance of success.

Keyword research: because how can you “optimise a website” when you don’t know what to optimise it FOR?

SEO copywriting

A vital (but often-overlooked) component of a great website and SEO campaign

Effective SEO copywriting is about creating website copy that is appealing to human readers, while also giving a suitable level of prominence to specific SEO keywords.

The ability to produce clear, concise and persuasive wording that will motivate a reader to act… while also improving search visibility engine rankings is a MUCH underrated skill.
And forget “keyword stuffing”, those days are long gone.