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Logo Design and Branding

Silver Monkey is a creative and experienced brand agency, providing a comprehensive range of logo design and brand identity solutions.

Sure, we design logos, but we also do LOT more.  We develop strong “visual identities” that are aligned to the principles, ethics and values of each business that we work with.

We understand how company branding influences every point of contact that a business has with the outside world.  Consistency is key, and every detail counts, from promotional materials to the clarity of the “visitor parking” signage in the car park.


Logo design

From an energising refresh through to the creation of a brand new, unique and memorable logo.


Visual identity

Taking logo design one step further to create a versatile corporate identity, including colourways, fonts and styling themes that can be carried across different media.

Brand guidelines creation

A creative framework that covers all key elements to ensure that your branding clearly understood and consistently applied across all areas of the business.

Tone of voice guidelines

There is more to a brand than the visual; what you say and how you say it is equally important.  Tone of voice guidelines ensure on-message consistency throughout your business activities.


Consistency is key… and every detail counts. PORTFOLIO

Why rebrand?

Nothing stays still for long.  Audiences change, technology develops and competitors evolve.  What worked well a few years ago might now be out of step.  After all, brand loyalty cannot be relied upon, it has to be earned

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