PR and SEO

While inbound marketing and SEO are heavily intertwined, the impact good PR has on your search engine rankings is hugely undervalued.

SEO is about getting you to rank higher on search engines for selected keywords.  As Google continues to refine its algorithms, one of the most valuable tools to boost your SEO is quality backlinks.  These are links to your website from other sites that are relevant to your field.  (This last bit is hugely significant, back links from non-related sites and directories are largely ignored).

A PR agency will work to increase your coverage in the media.  The connection between the two here is obvious.  “The media” is increasingly online.  So the combined efforts of PR and SEO gives you a double whammy, and drives more traffic to your website.

Combining PR and SEO creates links from high quality domains will significantly boost your search ranking

Silver Monkey will work to create specific and targeted online media coverage for your business with search engine-optimised press releases to boost rankings for specific keywords.  This combined package offers a more effective PR and SEO service as every single ounce of ranking power can be extracted.  It forms a seamless part of your inbound marketing campaign and you will be able to measure and analyse the impact your PR activity has on your website traffic