Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is not as complicated as some would have you believe.  In fact, it’s pretty logical when it’s explained properly.  Silver Monkey, based in Sudbury on the Suffolk/Essex border, offers straight-talking Search Engine Optimisation services and advice.  We’ll debunk the myths and clear up the confusion.

Our advice is simple, if you’re paying for SEO services, but you’re not entirely sure what it is they’re doing, then stop paying for it now and call Silver Monkey on 01787 464023.  We’ll give you total clarity on how SEO works, the proper way, with methodologies that are recommended by Google.  You can even download Google’s very own “Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide” here, although we promise to explain it in simpler terms.

We will undertake positive SEO activity on your behalf that you can see every month. That’s right. You’ll be able to see what we’re doing and the difference we’re making. No smoke and mirrors. No fluff. No flannel. We’ll provide you with performance reports too, so that you can even see the impact our activity is having on your rankings.

Google is also influenced by your Social Media activity, which used effectively can boost your search engine performance.

Google Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is about proactively demonstrating to the world’s search engines (be honest… we mean Google) that your website is relevant to, and an authority on, the particular search terms that you want to be found for.  That’s good news.  It really is.  It can work equally brilliantly for both small independents and large corporations.  It levels the playing field.

Getting Started With SEO

First, we’ll carry out detailed keyword research on search terms then strategically select which ones to compete for.

Next, you’ll need a well coded website that has been optimised for search engine response, complete with well-written Search Engine Optimised copy.

Relevance & authority

The websites that perform best in searches are the ones that Google believes are both relevant to and an authority on the given subject.  Relevance is down to your page content, and authority is (mostly) measured by the number of relevant websites that contain backlinks to your web page.  Think of it this like a rubber stamp of your credentials as an expert in your field.