An often overlooked area of writing a new website is exactly that… the writing.

SEO copywriting is the art of writing web page copy that is appealing to human readers, but also includes specific keywords and phrases that people are looking for.  As search engines become increasingly sophisticated, the fundamentals of solid SEO copywriting are more important than ever.

SEO Copywriting explained…

When we do a Google search, we type in words.  And Google (other search engines are available) will do it’s best to match our search terms with a website that it feels most relevant and authoritative.

The key objective of SEO copywriting is to produce clear and persuasive text to motivate the reader to take action… such as making a buying decision or submitting an enquiry.  To combine that with keywords to improve search engine rankings while still producing readable content is a much underrated skill.

A complete service…

We provide a full SEO Copyrighting service whereby firstly undertake detailed keyword analysis for every page and subject featured on your website.  We will then select the best keywords and blend them with engaging wording that is clear, well-written, persuasive and (most importantly) does not look like the keywords have been simply shoehorned in.

Are you from another web design company?  Don’t be shy…

If you’re not offering SEO Copywriting as part of your web design package then you’re frankly not offering complete service.  SEO Copywriting is one of our most popular services, and many of our customers are other web design and marketing companies in the Suffolk/Essex area, to whom we are an ethical and trusted business partner.

We don’t tread on toes and we never try to poach anyone else’s clients.  We offer a genuine “value add” service.  Ever had a web design project drag on because you’re waiting for the client to come up with the wording?  Call us in.  We’ll do it better, faster and more professionally.