Branded environments

Branded interiors for business

Good branding brings all the parts of your company into alignment. There are no rules specifying that a workplace has to be a functional, mundane environment with magnolia walls and generic furniture.

The working environment represents an opportunity to inspire, and with imagination it can be turned into a motivating and engaging place to work.


Environment branding can be a powerful tool

An immersive, branded work environment can help employees to deliver “on-brand” performance, supporting increased productivity, employee motivation and a means to reinforce your brand values.

Let’s make use of the physical space you have available – the walls, doors, windows, stairs, office furniture… they are all a blank canvas with untapped potential.

Retail and venue interior design

On-brand interiors are even more critical to business success in leisure, retail and hospitality. Research has shown how decor, colours, lighting and music all affect our perception of how food and drink tastes.

From fast-food to fine dining, pubs, hotels or nightclubs, a clear visual identity that represents the values and ethos of your business, applied consistently throughout the venue, provides visual cues that help customers to understand the benefits, and therefore enjoyment of, your venue.


Create the impression that you want to make

Visitors will form their initial impression of a business when they are looking to park their car (how clear is your signage?) and then secondly once they are in your reception area. What do you want that impression to be?


A talented interior design agency

The Silver Monkey team provides environment branding services for a wide range of commercial environments, from corporate offices, showrooms, retail outlets and more.

We will help you to reflect the personality and values of your brand throughout your business environment. From design concepts to final installation, we take care of every detail.