Digital marketing and social media

“Don’t interrupt what people are interested in. Let’s be what people are interested in.”

A great example of how marketing evolves

The best content-oriented digital marketing techniques recognise that people do their research online and make purchasing decisions at their own pace.  Adding high quality, helpful and interesting content to your website (and sharing this via social media) is shown to increase website traffic, reinforce brand values and increase sales.

Content marketing…

Quality content is integral to SEO, and is the cornerstone upon which successful social media campaigns are built.  It could take the form of articles, infographics, videos, eBooks, whitepapers and photography. The trick is to be interesting, engaging, helpful and informative.

…and social media

Content marketing and social media are a marriage made in heaven. The content gives you something to populate your social feeds with, and the social media provides you with a means to share your great content.  Neat, huh?

“We love content marketing because it’s intuitive.  It recognises that people appreciate being allowed to research and make decisions at their own pace.  It treats people like people rather than objects to be sold to.  It’s like marketing for grown ups.”


A fully-managed managed service

Silver Monkey offers a comprehensive and highly effective content marketing and social media management service.  We work closely with clients to develop the right strategy, and then leave them to get on with their day job.
We manage website content, social media profiles, monitor engagement and provide comprehensive reports on website traffic, SEO rankings, social media interaction and more.

“Is social media right for us?”

Any business that has customers who use the internet can benefit from social media marketing. The trick is to take it seriously and plan properly.
In our humble opinion, social media activity that is not underpinned by useful and interesting content is just noise, and is more likely to harm your brand than enhance it.
Executed properly, social has the potential to take your message to thousands of customers and prospects all over the globe for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.
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