Direct marketing services

Strategic communications… executed beautifully.

A well-maintained database can be your most effective marketing tool for generating new business and expanding existing accounts.
The Silver Monkey team carries out a range of direct marketing services to support our client’s sales and lead generation activities, with the emphasis always on high quality and effective business communication.



We take telesales and telemarketing seriously, and don’t outsource this work to call centres.  We provide assistance with script creation and full reporting with break down on results.

  • Lead generation
  • Follow ups
  • Database management
  • List cleaning

Direct mail

High postage costs has seen a reduction in direct mail activity in recent years. We think this is a good thing because well-designed and beautifully printed direct mail sent to a carefully selected audience now makes more of an impact than ever.

For the right campaign direct mail remains a cost effective method for communicating with prospects and generating enquiries.

Email marketing services

Email marketing is an effective and low-cost way to drive traffic to your website, keep in touch with customers and promote products, services and special offers.

We provide a professional and comprehensive email marketing service underpinned by best-practice methodologies and rigid anti-spam guidelines (sorry spammers, we’re not for you…).