Strategic PR services

PR is tough.  Did you know that there are almost as many “public relations specialists” in the UK as there are journalists? (Source: PR Week.)

Reporters and editors face increasing pressure to deliver quality content with fewer resources and ever tighter deadlines.  And they have no interest in promoting your company, product or service, so why bother rolling out the same old “promotional” press releases?  (Save your efforts and pay for an advert instead.)


Take a more refined approach to PR…

At Silver Monkey we take a more refined approach.  It’s simple really; we align our PR services to the needs of the journalist or editor.

This is makes even more sense when you consider that our experienced PR team has a journalistic background, not a promotional one. In short, we talk their language.

…and enjoy better coverage

By taking the time to understand what each target publication is interested in, we can supply them with the well-researched, well-written and interesting stories that they are looking for, complete with great imagery.

In short, we’re all about making the editors life easier, which results in better coverage and better value for money for our PR clients.

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Let’s talk about combining PR with SEO…

The impact good PR can have on search engine rankings is often overlooked.

SEO is all about getting your website to rank higher on search engines for selected keywords.  One of the most valuable tools to boost your SEO is quality links to your website from other sites that are relevant to your field. 

As PR is largely about media coverage, the connection between PR and SEO here becomes obvious…  as “the media” is increasingly online.  So the combined efforts of PR and SEO can give you a double “coverage and links” whammy.

This is why Silver Monkey team plays smart… we ingrate our PR services with our digital  marketing offerings, helping us to extract the maximum value from any coverage we generate.

PR and SEO