All about ecommerce!

What is ecommerce?

What is ecommerce?

You have probably come across the term ecommerce, but do you know what it means? It’s simple really, the name is shortened from “electronic commerce”, and refers to a website that will automate a transaction and related transfer funds over the internet.

Why should you use ecommerce?

Ecommerce has many benefits for both the consumer and the merchant, but lets focus on how it can help the seller…

Increased consumer reach – in excess of 2 billion people around the world  now use the Internet, and having an ecommerce site means your shop can be viewed by each and every one of them. This won’t happen over night, it takes a lot of online marketing to get your shop seen, but the potential is huge.

Reduced costs – online retailing requires no staff and you don’t have to maintain a physical storefront, these greatly reduce the cost of running the business. As a result you can lower your prices with the view of generating more orders.

Opportunity to ‘drop-ship’ – drop shipping is a form of trade that involves a business taking order for a product online and instead of them packing and sending to the customer, they send a message to the supplier who sends it direct. This means you don’t have to invest in stock up front, you can just take an order and pass it on to the supplier.

What we can do to help

Silver Monkey want to make it as easy and simple as possible for you to set up and run your ecommerce website.  We can help you with your logo and branding, build you a bespoke, custom design website, write your product descriptions, take professional product photography, show you how to run your site from the back end and guide you through every step along the way! And because we want to make your website as intuitive as we can, we use Shopify.com to build it…

The capabilities of Shopify

Shopify is a content management system built purely to host ecommerce websites. We use it to host our websites because it makes life easy, very easy! Shopify gives you in depth reports detailing how often your site gets visited, what products people are viewing, your monthly transactions, most popular products and much more! It will even inform when you are running low on products so you can restock.  In short, Shopify is, in our opinion, the most effective way to run an ecommerce website… Which is why we use it!

For top tips on how to create an effective ecommerce site read our blog 8 essentials for a great e-commerce website!

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